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Walking the Fox Glacier, swimming with dolphins in Nelson, a weekend in Auckland…have you packed your Kiwi travel insurance?

There are many things that can go wrong when travelling in New Zealand just the same as when travelling overseas. You can’t predict cancelled flights or lost luggage but at least you can be prepared.

Whether you’re a Kiwi or a visitor you still need travel insurance when travelling in New Zealand even with ACC available to all visitors. (Learn more about ACC below)

Domestic travel insurance NZ will cover you for:

  • Cover for lost or damaged luggage
  • Theft of belongings such as cameras and bags
  • Cancellation fees and deposits
  • Hire car excess in the event of an accident
  • Emergency rescue if you find yourself injured on one of the Kiwi slopes
  • Bad weather – If your tour or skiing holiday is cancelled because of adverse weather conditions, travel insurance will cover your pre-paid travel and accommodation arrangements, or it will pay to get you to another resort or tour.
  • Personal liability
  • Loss of income
  • Accommodation and travel expenses
  • Resumption of journey
  • Theft of cash
  • Emergency home travel, or travel for a relative
  • ...And much more!

What is ACC?

ACC is a kind of accident insurance that covers visitors to New Zealand. If your doctor thinks you qualify for ACC you can claim and you’ll usually only pay part of the normal fee.

ACC isn’t a replacement for travel insurance.

Holidays in New Zealand are expensive and it’s not just accident cover you need to think about. There are many other benefits of travel insurance that you’ll need.

ACC doesn’t cover:

  • Any medical claims for illness. So if you have, for example, a heart attack, asthma attack, allergic reaction, food poisoning or any other medical condition and need treatment ACC would not cover these costs.
  • Any treatment in a private hospital.
  • Medicines prescribed for use after release from hospital. 
  • Injury while aboard a boat or plane which you travelled in to New Zealand.
  • Any boat excursions 300 nautical miles or more from New Zealand.
  • Any travel insurance benefits listed above such as lost luggage, cancellation cover etc.

Do you travel often?

Save and purchase an annual travel insurance policy that covers all your trips within New Zealand and overseas for a whole year.

Always read the fine print

The level of cover and exclusions varies between policies so it’s important to read the policy document (PDS) before purchasing.

Compare and save

Whether you’re travelling in New Zealand or overseas use's free comparison to compare NZ travel insurance in seconds. What are you waiting for?



Need some help? Use the search box below to find answers to all those tricky travel insurance questions. We’ve got heaps of travel insurance tips to help you get the best policy for your upcoming holiday!


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