Comparetravelinsurance.co.nz is New Zealand's leading travel insurance comparison site. Each month, we help over 15,000 Kiwis compare the benefits and features of some of New Zealand's top insurers, and we specialise exclusively in travel insurance - it's all we do, and it's why we are the best in the business.

What makes us different?

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Expert Advice

While just about anyone can be a travel or money blogger, our employees are experts in the insurance and finance industry. All employees are fully trained and have obtained relevant accreditations, which means you can trust that you're getting the right level of advice. 
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Great Guides

Our experts research comprehensive guides on useful topics and update them regularly so you're not looking at ten-year-old information. Whether it's pre-existing medical conditions, or motorbike cover, or tips for travelling while pregnant, our team work hard to help you find the right cover.

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Best Service

Sometimes you just want to speak to a real person. Unlike most comparison sites, we operate a call centre during office hours staffed by our Sydney-based customer service team. Whether you want to call, chat, or email, you can get advice from a real person, at no charge to you, whether you purchase or not.

Meet our Director

From humble beginnings as a financial services receptionist to an industry-leading expert, Director Natalie Ball is passionate about making travel insurance clear, convenient and compassionate. She's a mum, an entrepreneur, a travel insurance powerhouse, and an expert travel and money writer -- in that order. Whether she's in the boardroom, in the press, or a strategy meeting, Natalie and her decades of expertise are always in the customer's corner.

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Meet our Team

We pride ourselves on having customer-centric experts from the insurance industry embedded across our business. Our expert team of researchers, writers and customer service professionals are the ones who call up insurers, read reviews, and search through insurers' policy documents to help make finding the right cover a lot easier! They're all certified to give Tier 1 or Tier 2 advice under ASIC regulations, and exclusively specialise in travel insurance (there's no steam mop or makeup brush advice here, sorry!). 
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In The News

We're regularly asked to comment on breaking news and provide money and travel advice for some of New Zealand's most widely read publications. 

You can see us in the New Zealand Herald, Stuff.co.nzThe Daily MailMoney Magazine, Travel Weekly, Travel Talk, Cruise Passenger, Essential Baby, Starts at 60Insurance Business Magazine and more.


How our business works

No hidden fees

No Hidden Fees

Our travel insurance comparison is free for customers to use. Once you've compared, you can click through to buy travel insurance on the insurer's website without any sneaky additional fees. How do we pay our customer service and research teams? Our insurance partners pay us a commission for referring a customer, with no preferential treatment given to any insurer.

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Full Disclosure

We are owned and operated by CoverDirect NZ Limited (INC 3526051). We have directors, shareholders or entities in common with 1Cover, TINZ and Zoom Travel Insurance. Those policies are included on our website in a similar way that other policies are included.  We also operate a similar service in Australia. See our Financial Services Guide for more information on our Australian services.

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Data Protection

We use the data you give us to provide you with the services or products you request, to verify your identity and advise you of any comments made on your reviews, and to occasionally communicate relevant promotional or marketing information. We promise to keep your data secure and not to give away or sell your information onto other companies - so you're not going to get flooded with junk mail. For more, check out our Privacy Policy.

Compare Travel insurance

Have a question about Comparetravelinsurance.co.nz? We answer some of our most common queries.

How do you know which is the best travel insurance for me?

Despite what other sites might claim, there's no generalised internal ranking system or algorithm that can know which is the best travel insurance for you, because they haven't factored 'you' in the equation. If you're a young backpacker travelling on a shoestring a basic backpacker travel policy might work for you, while if you've already paid significant travel deposits, you have a pre-existing health condition, or you're a high-altitude trekker, price may be less important than finding a brand that covers the things you need. Our Compare Travel Insurance team help you to find the right policy a little easier, through our quote comparison, handy guides, and travel insurance reviews.

Why can't you just recommend a specific travel insurer?

We hold an Australian Financial Services Licence, and our team have ASIC-regulated qualifications to give general advice. By law, we are unable to recommend one insurer over another, as we do not know you, your needs and your full circumstances. If you have a complex query, such as complicated health conditions or need cover for non-residents, for example, we may suggest brands that may offer a particular benefit or coverage, but we will not say that you should choose one brand over another - there's no preferential treatment here. What we do recommend is that you always read your chosen insurer's policy documents before you buy, and email or call them if you're unclear about something.

Do you have any conflicts of interest?

We have directors, shareholders and entities in common with travel insurance brands 1Cover, TINZ and Zoom Travel Insurance. These brands are included in our quoting engine and research guides in a similar way to other brands. These brands are not preferenced in the quotes, and we will never recommend any one particular policy to you, including any of our affiliated brands.

How do you decide your star ratings?

We don't - our customers do. Our star ratings are an aggregate of reviews for that insurer from customers. We do not give any rating or ranking of our own, just real customers' service and claims experiences.

Do you compare every travel insurer in the market?

You can read or write travel insurance reviews for most New Zealand providers in the market, however, we don't compare quotes for the whole market. You can only compare quotes for brands that have agreed to participate in our panel. Within our specialist guides, we compare brands that have a unique offering regardless of whether we have a commercial arrangement with them.

How do I get a travel insurance quote?

You can get a travel insurance quote online, or call us today.

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