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Are you a non-resident living in New Zealand on a temporary visa? It's important to realise that not all New Zealand travel insurers will cover non-residents automatically.

Luckily for you we’ve done the hard yards and found seven travel insurers that offer cover. Woo hoo!

Who offers cover to non-residents?





1Cover non-residents tick You must be:
a) Working full time and paying tax in NZ
b) Travelling in and out of NZ on the same visa
c) Have a working visa that is valid for more than two years
If you are entitled to be covered under a Reciprocal Health Agreement between the government of New Zealand and the government of another country, then unfortunately we cannot provide you with a policy.
Valid for travel within NZ and also overseas. However, your return trip to your country of residence is not covered.
DUInsure non-residents tick Plan F: Non-Residents Out Bound will cover non residents on a one way trip back to their home country. Must purchase policy prior to commencement of journey.
Valid for travel back to their home country only.
Columbus Direct tick Available to visitors/non residents given you have lived in NZ for 3 months or more.
Valid for travel within NZ and also overseas.
Covermore tick Plan 'I' for travel only within NZ. Maximum 12 months cover.
Valid for travel within NZ only.
Southern Cross visiting NZ tick Cover for those on Working Holiday or Guardian visas. No cover for pre-existing medical conditions.
Valid for travel within NZ only.
Travel Insurance Cover - QBE Discover NZ tick The QBE Discover NZ Policy is available to non-residents (under 60 years of age) visiting New Zealand (including to Australia or South Pacific for up to 31 days). No cover for pre-existing medical conditions and cover must be purchased before arrival. The policy will also cover the period travelling to New Zealand from your normal country of residence and the period travelling back home, provided that travel to and from NZ does not exceed 72 hours.
Valid for travel within NZ and back to their home country only.
TINZ tick You must:
a) you must permanently reside in New Zealand
b) be travelling in and out of New Zealand on the same visa
c) and have access to public health and disability services
Zoom Travel Insurance tick Zoom don't mind what type of visa you are on! They cover non-residents for international travel provided they are:
a) aged 74 years and under
b) hold a return ticket to New Zealand
c) hold a current New Zealand visa which will remain valid beyond the period of your journey
d) hold private health insurance for the entire journey and beyond

Remember each insurer will have slightly different benefits so make sure you understand your cover by reading the Product Disclosure Statement before you buy.

Inbound visitors travel insurance

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Reciprocal health agreements

You never know you might be eligible for health care in New Zealand already. New Zealand has reciprocal health agreements with Australia and the United Kingdom. For more information you should visit:


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