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One way travel insurance

Need travel insurance for a one way ticket? Whether you're planning a gap year or an extended stay overseas with family, then one way travel insurance could be for you!

It's common to not have a return ticket booked for your trip, but not doing so can mean it's tricky to find cover.

You'll find that most New Zealand insurers require you to have return trip/ticket in order to purchase a policy, but don't fret, we've been looking high and low to find the cover you'll need.

What is one way travel insurance? When might you need it?

Lets say you're flying from Auckland to the UK, but stopping in Dubai on the way for a week (and you don't need cover when you reach your final destination) ...then this type of cover is ideal for you.

It's also a suitable policy for those:

-          Going to work aboard
-          Going on a gap year
-          Who are moving overseas
-          Who are not sure on total trip length 

The conditions of each of these policies really varies between providers. Some policies will ONLY cover you until you get to immegration on the other end. Others for a week or so when you reach your final destination, so it really pays to do your research to check your buying the right cover for your needs.

Where can I buy one way travel insurance? 

We’ve done all the hard work for you! Here's a handy table showing who offers 1 way cover and any restrictions they may have. **Mouseover the ticks and crosses for more details on each**



       Cover one-way            Age Restriction
AA Travel Allianz Australia Insurance
Under 100
Columbus Direct Certain underwriters at
Under 84
Cover-more Zurich Australian Insurance Limited Under 84
(UK Residents only)
Certain underwriters at
Under 50
TID Certain underwriters at
Under 81
Worldcare Allianz Australia Insurance
Under 100

Typical conditions of a one way policy:

-          Make sure your insurer knows you've only got a one way ticket
-          You must be an New Zealand citizen
-          A waiting period may apply to claims for illness or injury
-          In many cases your trip must originate in New Zealand (but not always)
-          Age restrictions may apply
-          Disclose all pre-existing medical conditions

Whats the deal with repatriation and one way cover?

It's important to note that should you require repatriation to NZ, travel insurance would normally use your return ticket to get you home. However, on a one-way journey (with no return ticket) you will need to contribute the equivalent of an economy ticket for the return journey.

Read the small print 

We know it's not particularly exciting, but each insurers' policy will vary, especially when it comes to their one way insurance policies. Because of this make sure you read the small print to understand your cover. You don't want to find yourself in a situation when you thought you were covered when infact you wern't!!

Keep your insurer up-to-date!

If you’ve purchased a single trip policy and decide to extend your trip, but forget to extend your insurance, you will most probably find yourself without cover. If you do not return home on the date that is specified on your certificate of insurance, and you do not tell your insurer, your policy could be cancelled.

One way travel insurance will cover you for any unforseen events that could happen during your one way flight and trip away. Whatever the length of your trip, don’t be caught without cover!



Need some help? Use the search box below to find answers to all those tricky travel insurance questions. We’ve got heaps of travel insurance tips to help you get the best policy for your upcoming holiday!


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