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Yeesh, isn't travel insurance confusing!? Whether you’re suffering from serious information overload or have a case
of the policy wording blues, help is at hand.   Say sayonara to rising stress levels as travel insurance extraordinaire
Eugene Wylde is here to save the day. With plenty of no-nonsense travel insurance tips and guides to get you going,
you’ll never be baffled again! Simply use the search box above to get answers to all your tricky questions.



popular travel insurance tips and guides


pregnancy guide

Whilst travelling with a bun-in-the-oven is no longer a barrier to travel, it can be tricky to find travel insurance when pregnant. We help you easily find cover.


pre-existing conditions

Having pre-existing medical conditions is annoying, but it doesn't mean you can't get cover (or that is has to cost an arm and a leg!)


motorbike cover

Bikers beware! Many insurers say a flat out 'no way' for covering you on a motorbike, but there are policies out there for you.

adventure activites

adventure activities

Well hello there adrenaline junkie! Jumping out of a plane might be your ideal past time but you should know not all adventure activities are covered as standard.

non resident

non resident cover

Need cover for a friend or rellie coming to visit you in NZ? See which insurers cover visitors to New Zealand.

travel insurance guide

travel insurance guide

Heading to new regions can throw you a number of curveballs! Our ultimate guide to travel insurance helps you get back on track quicker than you can say 'holiday!'


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