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Overseas and forgotten travel insurance?

It’s not too late to get cover!

Did you know that 25% of travellers only buy cover two days before they go on holiday?*

With the prepations involved in planning a holiday, particuarly a long haul trip, it's no wonder that travel insurance is often a last minute affair.

With pets to secure, housitters to hire, suitcases to pack, and work to be handed over, for many travellers, the countdown to flight time can be an incredibly busy and stressful time. It can be a wonder making it onto the plane at all!

With all that considered it’s not surprising that many a flustered tourist will arrive at their destination with no cover in tow. However, there’s no need to panic. Already overseas travel insurance is out there and ready to bail you out.

Keep in mind that already overseas travel insurance policies will differ in their eligibility requirements and conditions. Waiting periods may apply and all the regular insurance considerations (such as age limits) should be taken into account too.

Additionally, you can only take out cover on the proviso that no incidents have already occurred on your holiday that you need to claim for (for example, you would not be covered for luggage that went missing before buying cover).

Got a pre-existing medical condition?

You may struggle to find travel insurance for a pre-existing condition once already overseas. If you do have a pre-existing condition check to see whether it is automatically covered under your policy. Take note, while already overseas travel insurance policies would not cover your pre-existing condition, you could still claim for any illness or injury not related to it.

What is a waiting period?

After buying a policy a waiting period usually applies during which you cannot make a claim. Some insurers, like World Nomads, will provide cover during waiting periods for emergency medical and transportation expenses overseas. On the other hand, 1Cover will only insure you for claims that apply to sickness once the three-day waiting period is over, TINZ will only cover you for claims for events after a 72 hour waiting period.

Am I eligible for already overseas travel insurance?

Take note, to be eligible for travel insurance once you’re overseas you must:

  • Be a New Zealand citizen or resident
  • Be travelling back to New Zealand
  • Meet the age limits of your policy

Where can I buy it?

A select few insurers offer cover to New Zealanders who are already abroad. The table below highlights the waiting periods and age restrictions of each insurer. (Hover over the waiting period column for more information).






1Cover 74 and under 72 hours BUY
DUInsure 59 and under 96 hours BUY
TINZ 74 and under 72 hours BUY
TID Under 81 72 hours  
World Nomads Under 70 72 hours  

What does cover include?

You can breathe a sigh of relief as there really isn’t much different between an already overseas policy and a standard one. Provided you are past the waiting period you can expect cover for the following:

Medical: The pain of an injury or illness can be exacerbated by the huge costs incurred whilst travelling. Luckily, your policy will cover the exorbitant expense of overseas medical cover.

Cancellation fees and lost deposits: when it comes to cover for cancellation, it’s crucial to remember that travel insurance will only cover unforeseen cancellations. Events such as accidents, natural disasters, hijackings, severe sickness or injury and other incidents that are beyond your control will usually be covered.

Luggage and personal effects: Travel insurance will reimburse you for lost or stolen luggage (although it’s important to take note of any high value item limits). You may have forgotten to pack travel insurance so try and keep future absent mindedness to a minimum. Your policy doesn’t cover scattiness so take care when minding your stuff. 

Personal liability: It’s hard to picture a more disastrous scenario than injuring someone or damaging their property, other than the same scenario happening in a whole other country! In such an event, your policy will cover your liability costs to a degree.

Rental vehicle excess
If you're planning on hiring a car during your trip, your policy will usually cover any rental car excess. Restrictions do apply to certain vehicles, so be sure to check with your insurers PDS before heading down the highway.   

What if I need to extend my travel insurance while I’m away?

If your policy hasn’t yet expired, get in touch with your insurance company ASAP! They will usually allow you to extend it for up to another year without a problem.

However, if your travel insurance has already expired or you’ve simply forgotten to buy a policy, never fear. Already overseas travel insurance is here to help. There are few things riskier than travelling without cover, but protection is only a policy purchase away. Don’t delay!

*Allianz Australia Insurance Limited policy statistics



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