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Save when you buy travel insurance direct

Shortcuts can make life simpler, but what if taking the quickest route possible meant losing out on a tonne of benefits?

Buying travel insurance from your travel agent or airline is a bit like getting dental advice from your G.P. You wouldn’t schedule a filling with your doctor so why would you buy travel insurance from an agent lacking in insurance expertise? If you’re looking for specialised information that really fits the bill, it’s best to speak directly to your travel insurer.

Need more reasons to buy travel insurance direct? Keep reading!

Did you know travel agents and airlines can charge you up to 50% in commission fees when buying travel insurance? Buying direct means bigger savings for your holiday!

Did you know buying directly from your insurer is more secure than through an agent or travel company? Agents may not always have back up in the event of bankruptcy, whereas all quality insurance companies in Australia are underwritten by a reputable insurance bodies like Allianz Australia Insurance Limited IAG Insurance Limited or QBE Insurance Limited.

Did you know travel agents and airlines may sell you a policy that earns them a higher commission but doesn’t suit your specific needs? Buying directly ensures you get all the cover you require with no unnecessary extras.

Did you know buying direct gives you access to all the relevant information you need? On the other hand travel agents lack the insurance expertise can’t provide you with the important policy advice you’ll need when looking for cover.

Did you know travel agents only have relationships with a limited number of insurers meaning you miss out on a wider variety of products to choose from?

Although it might seem convenient to buy your insurance at the same time as booking flights and accommodation, you’re paying almost double for the privilege. Don’t just buy the first policy offered to you, shop around, compare policies, and find a great policy online.

Comparison sites are a great way to compare many policies in one place, helping you to find the right policy for your holiday.

 You can be assured that all the prices you see on our website are exactly the same as going direct with the insurer. Similarly, all the policies on are underwritten by reputable companies you can trust.

Save big and buy travel insurance direct today.


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