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Travel Insurance FAQs

Do I have to take out Travel Insurance?

No, it is not a legal requirement, but you’d be crazy not to. Last year up to 18% of New Zealanders went on holiday without any Travel Insurance. However, this number declines each year as the importance of being covered becomes more evident.

It’s important to note that you are personally liable for covering medical or other expenses you incur while overseas. The New Zealand government cannot pay for these. They state, “Do not leave New Zealand without comprehensive travel and medical insurance – treatment of a minor injury or a hospital admission can be very expensive in some countries. Ask your travel agent, bank or doctor for available options and carry evidence of your insurance cover at all times. Make sure it covers the activities you will be undertaking, and any pre-existing medical conditions.”

Where can I find warnings on travel destinations?

The New Zealand Government provides good free advice. Visit for the latest travel advice and warnings from the New Zealand Government. You can even register your details before you travel so they can get in contact with you should the need arise.

Which travel insurance company do you recommend?

We only list reputable travel insurers and do not single out or recommend any particular provider on this site. We present the data to you so that you can make your own travel insurance comparison. If you need advice on a particular travel insurance product, you should contact the travel insurance company directly. If you are looking for personal advice, you should seek the services of a licensed financial adviser or insurance broker.

Can I take out travel insurance whilst pregnant?

Yes, travel insurance is available to pregnant women, however it is important to check whether pregnancy related complications are covered. There are several New Zealand insurers that offer travel insurance for pregnancy complications up to 26 weeks of pregnancy. The stage of pregnancy and level of cover varies between insurers and your circumstances. View our Pregnancy Travel Insurance Guide to find out which insurers cover pregnancy.

No policies cover full-term birth. Most airlines also have restrictions. For example;

When flying Air New Zealand while pregnant, travel is permitted but medical clearance is required; if you have a complicated pregnancy such as twins; or you are travelling beyond the start of 36th week of pregnancy on a flight longer than 5 hours.

When flying Qantas while pregnant international travel is not permitted after the 36th week of pregnancy (for single pregnancies) and after the 32nd week of pregnancy (for multiple pregnancies)

Will my children be covered under my policy?

Yes. Insurers will generally cover dependants for free when they're travelling with an adult (parent or guardian), whether under a Single or Family policy. The age limits and number of dependents vary from one insurer to the next, so sure to check the cut-offs.

Children are generally not covered in a Duo (two adults) or Group policy.

View our guide on family travel insurance for some great tips on choosing the right travel insurance for your family.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

You should let your insurer know if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Failing to declare pre-existing medical conditions will generally result in any claims relating to that condition not being paid.

Some conditions will automatically be covered for free, while others may require an additional premium to be paid. Depending upon the condition and how recently diagnosed, a medical assessment may be required.

You will need to check with your chosen insurer, however a pre-existing medical condition is usually defined as being an injury or illness that you are aware of, have received medical treatment for or have had symptoms of in the past.

Once you have done your comparison, you will be directed to the insurer's website where you can investigate their terms and conditions on pre-existing medical conditions, prior to purchase.

Learn more about our tips for taking out travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions.



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