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We compare quotes from heaps of travel insurance brands in New Zealand. Do your comparison online to save time, worry and loads of money.


No hidden fees

No Hidden Fees

Our ski travel insurance comparison is free to use - there's no commissions you might expect with an airline or travel agent. When you choose a quote, you'll be directed through to the insurer's website to buy at the same great price.

ski equipment

Equipment cover

Whether you’ve hired snowboard or ski equipment, or are using your own, if your winter sports gear is damaged your policy will cover the cost to hire alternative equipment so you don't miss out on any fun time on the slopes.

ski lift passes

Ski pack reimbursement

Not feeling up to the downward slopes? You can claim for unused prepaid passes, lift passes and ski lessons if you get sick, are injured, or if your ski pass is stolen. Snow worries!

piste closure

Piste closure cover

Has there been an avalanche at your resort, or it’s not safe to ski? Your ski policy will typically cover you to travel to an alternative location or offer compensation if your pre-booked resort is closed. Snow worries :)

Skiing off-piste

Adrenaline snow seekers looking for a real off-piste thrill - make sure you're covered as most ski insurance policies only cover when you remain in resort boundaries with a licensed ski instructor. 

product choice

Product choice

We compare heaps of ski policies from some of New Zealand's most reputable travel insurers. We compare 1Cover, Amex, DUInsure, TINZ,  Zoom & more!

Travel Insurance Extraordinarie At Your Service

If you’re looking for a ski insurance policy that’s pure powder rather than seriously slushy, Eugene can help you get covered in snow.

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Ski travel insurance explained

Planning to hit the slopes for a winter sports holiday? Ski travel insurance is a must. Whether you're skiiing, snowboarding or sledding, getting the right comprehensive ski travel insurance policy can protect you and your family from medical bills, helicopter rescue, piste closure, bad weather, theft or damage to your gear and much more!

Some policies automatically include ski coverage, while other insurers have it as an optional add-on. Compare Travel Insurance have taken the guesswork out of it so you can compare the prices and benefits from a range of insurers to choose the policy which is right for you.

It's important to make sure you have the appropriate cover for the activities you're trying. Want to ski off-piste or backcountry? Some insurers offer it while others specifically exclude it. Many brands also offer coverage for you ski gear while it's in being transported, but not for while it's in use - in both cases, it's important to check the Product Disclosure Statement to know exactly what you're covered for.

Looking to hit the slopes soon? Snow worries! Enter your trip details to compare ski travel insurance quotes, or check out some of our helpful ski travel insurance tips:

ski insurance Tips

ski insurance guide

Ski insurance guide

The nature of a winter sports holiday is risky, so if you don't want to wipe out your savings with a fall on the slopes, get covered in snow!

off piste

Does ski insurance cover off-piste?

Hey there adrenaline junkie - so even the black runs are too tame for you hey? If you're planning on getting gnarly on the slopes, check that your planned activities are covered before you go hitting that untouched powder!


Head for heights?

Do you yearn for adventure and heights? Trekking and climbing holidays need proper trekking travel insurance! Compare which insurers cover high altitudes with out handy guide.


Travel Insurance Reviews

What happens if I need to chat to the ski travel insurance brand about my policy? What if I need to make a claim? Thousands of travellers have reviewed their travel insurer to help you make the right choice for you and your needs.

Or perhaps you want to have your say? Whether you love or loathe your travel insurer rate them on customer service, value for money & more! Help out your fellow savvy shoppers today!

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