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Compare Travel Insurance Travel Insurance Tips Why Compare Companies' Policies

why compare companies' policy

Do you seek out savings when you're at the supermarket? Be savvy and seek out savings for your insurance too.

As incredible as it may seem, some people compare razor blades and toothpaste more carefully than they compare travel insurance.  Getting the most out of your travel insurance is all about having the right policy to begin with. Purchasing the wrong policy for your holiday or business trip could leave you and your family stranded both physically and financially.

In recent years, travel insurance companies in New Zealand that were riding on a reputation established years ago in a less competitive market place, have had to adapt to the changing needs of the customer. This has meant that travel insurance companies evolved quickly in terms of product design and distribution channels, which opened the global market up to some great comprehensive deals and some new niche market players.

The good news for savvy travellers, whether going on a cruise, backpacking or a ski holiday, there is a specialist company servicing your need. 

Whether you're after a single trip policy, an annual multi-trip policy, or family travel insurance, every person can benefit by doing a travel insurance comparison. Using an aggregator site is the smart way to view some of the best travel insurance deals on the market. Start to compare travel insurance quotes now.

Here are some useful tips to consider when comparing travel insurance companies.

Consider Your Needs

Consider your situation and needs first to ensure that you are going to be adequately covered and that any discounts will be applied. For example, if you're travelling as a family or in a group of ten or more you could be entitled to a discount. If it is a Business Trip, you could be entitled to additional benefits. 

Value For Money Rates

Travel insurance doesn't have to cost the earth. The best way to make sure that you are receiving one of the best travel insurance quotes is to use a comparison website. Fill in a few form fields and you instantly have multiple quotes from a number of travel insurance sites, without having to visit a bunch of different websites.

Cover Benefit Limits And Exclusions

Put simply, not all insurance is the same and different insurers have different levels of benefit cover. So once you've worked out what's important to you, we make it easy to compare by allowing you to sort by the various columns within our results. Cover limits not displayed in a column can be viewed in a standard format by mousing over the information icon.

Just as important as what the policy covers, is what it doesn't cover. So prior to purchasing a policy, be sure to read the exclusions in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Emergency Assistance

It is vital that you have medical assistance from a reputable provider should you find yourself in an emergency situation. All insurers listed with compare travel insurance offer an experienced and professional emergency medical assistance service 24 hours a day.


An excess is the amount that you must first pay for each claim arising from one event before a claim can be paid under your policy. This amount is usually in the range of $0 to $500+ and varies between companies and policies. Some insurers offer the option to remove the excess by paying an addition fee. To make things easier for you, you can sort by this column in our comparison results.


It is just as important to check the underwriter of a travel insurance policy as it is the travel insurance provider. At the end of the day, the underwriter will be the ones footing the bill. If there's not enough money in the bank and they have a poor credit history, then your policy has little worth - and you could be footing the bill.


Go beyond the marketing fluff and do your own homework. Read reviews and talk to friends and associates about who they have used and their experiences to find out what real customers say. Beware of sites that have an obvious bias without any contact details as these are often run by the insurance companies themselves.

Travel insurance is not the last thing you should think about on your travel checklist, it should be one of the first. If you are ever unlucky enough to suffer loss or injury when travelling you will be glad you took the trouble to compare travel insurance companies and policies.

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