Compare Travel InsuranceTravel Insurance TipsWhy compare travel insurance?

Why compare travel insurance?

Travel insurance doesn't have to cost the earth and a good way to get the best bang for your buck is to use a comparison site like ours. allows you to compare a range of quotes from New Zealand’s top brands to help you find a policy that’s ideal for your trip. So why use a comparison website?

We’re convenient

Don’t visit a bunch of different websites, with our simple form you can easily compare a range of quotes and levels of cover from a number of travel insurance provider in one place. All you have to do is answer four questions from where you’re going, dates of travel, number of travellers and ages.

You'll save money

The best way to save is to compare policies from numerous different insurers and
find the cheapest policy that offers all the benefits that you’re looking for.  

We’re free to use

Yes that’s right, our website is free to use, we compare products so you can
find yourself a great deal.

So much choice

We compare a large range of quotes for all needs and budgets. So whether
you’re looking for a cheap backpacker policy, a policy to suit the whole family,
or an annual multi trip, we’ve got products to suit everyone. We make it easy
to compare the parts of the policy that are important to you, by allowing you to
sort by the various columns within our results. Cover limits not displayed in a column
can be viewed in a standard format by mousing over the information icon.

Great prices

The prices on our website are exactly the same as you’ll see on the insurer’s website.

Every policy is slightly different so make sure you read the PDS fully before you buy any policy. Start to compare travel insurance quotes now.



Need some help? Use the search box below to find answers to all those tricky travel insurance questions. We’ve got heaps of travel insurance tips to help you get the best policy for your upcoming holiday!


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Our travel insurance comparison helps you save time, worry and loads of money!