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Cruise Insurance FAQ's

I’m going on a cruise around New Zealand, do I need cruise insurance?

Yup, many people don't realise is that even if you're cruising local coastal waters, once your ship has left port, you are no longer covered for hospital or medical expenses by New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) or Medicare.

Do I need to buy a specific policy to cover cruise?

Not always, most policies cover for cruises as standard. Be sure to select ‘cruise insurance’ when comparing quotes to be sure you’re covered from ship to shore!

I’m only visiting a country for a day, do I really need cruise insurance for that destination?

Yes, for example, if your cruise is going around the Pacific Islands but you’re only stopping in Hawaii for a day, you will still need insurance that covers you in America.

I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I still get cruise insurance?

Yes you can. Read your chosen insurers small print to find out exactly what medical conditions they cover. If yours' is not on the list then you might need to have a medical evaluation done before you travel. Even if you can’t get cover for that particular condition, you would still be covered for any unrelated medical emergencies and of course all the other benefits of a policy.

When should I buy cruise insurance?

As soon as possible, that way if you need to cancel your trip because of accident, illness or severe weather you will be covered.

I'm still not convinced I need cruise insurance

Medical treatment on board large cruise liners are typically private practices, which can be very expensive. Ask yourself would you rather pay as little as $100 for a cruise insurance policy, or thousands of dollars in medical fees if you were to fall ill? Why you need cover...

  1. Your flight taking you to your cruise ship is cancelled due to bad weather. You have to pay for temporary accommodation, and in the end you miss your cruise. Travel insurance will reimburse you for all these unplanned expenses.
  2. You get off your plane to head to your cruise when there’s no sign of your bags on the luggage conveyer. If your bags aren’t delivered in time for your cruise, travel insurance will reimburse you for any clothes you need to buy to take with you on the boat.
  3. You trip and sprain your wrist when you’re off the boat and need to go to hospital.  Travel insurance will cover your medical fees - doctors appointment, x-ray and medicine.
  4. Your wallet is pickpocketed from you. Travel insurance will cover you for any lost or stolen items and in many cases cash replacement too.
  5. You become seriously ill on board the ship and need to be evacuated to the nearest hospital. Travel insurance will pay for the very expensive helicopter ambulance ride.
  6. You’ve finished your cruise and are at the airport to return home, when your passport is nowhere to be found. Travel insurance will cover any costs you incur to replace or get an emergency passport.

You can’t prepare for every eventuality but at least with cruise insurance you can set sail knowing you are protected.

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