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We compare quotes from heaps of travel insurance brands in New Zealand. Do your comparison online to save time, worry and loads of money.


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No Hidden Fees

Travel agents and airlines charge huge commissions. We don’t! Our frequent travel insurance comparison is free to use. You'll be directed to the insurer's website to buy travel insurance without any sneaky charges. We promise!

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Great Prices

If you have a serious case of wanderlust, an annual policy might be just the ticket for you. Get cover for an unlimited number of trips in 12 months for one price. You’ll be sure to save a bucket too!

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Product Choice

We compare heaps of policies for all types of travellers from some of  New Zealand's most reputable travel insurers. We compare brands including, 1Cover, Amex, Webjet, Zoom Travel Insurance and more!

world is oyster

The world is your oyster

Want annual cover, but not 100% sure where you’re going over the course of the year? No worries, just buy a Worldwide policy and you’re free to roam wherever and whenever you wish. #wanderlust

frequent flyer

Frequent Flyers Points

Jetsetters can find a policy that will cover for flight cancellations (for unforeseen reasons) even if tickets were booked using points.

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Spontaneous Trips

Lightbulb moment - lets go on holiday!! With an annual policy you don’t need to tell your insurer each time you travel. Say hello to spontaneity :)


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So many places to go and such little time! Eugene has the answers to all sorts of travel insurance quirks to save you time, worry and loads of money. Use our quick search for frequent travellers below.

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annual travel insurance explained

Frequent flyer? Whether you're seeing the world for business, or you're a regular holiday-maker, if you're travelling multiple times a year, you can often make big savings by choosing a annual travel insurance policy (also known as a frequent traveller or multi trip policy). 

An annual travel insurance policy is for travellers who leave home multiple times a year on shorter trips. This differs from a year-long single trip policy, which gives you coverage to be away from home for one twelve-month long trip.

Annual travel insurance policies have different maximum trip duration limits - that is, the maximum number of days you can spend overseas before you have to come home again. For example, if you purchase a 30-day annual travel insurance policy, you can go on a ten-day trip to Fiji for a friend's wedding in April, go on a seven-day Pacific cruise in July, go trekking for three weeks in New Zealand and have a month-long break over Christmas in the USA, and they can all be covered under the one policy.

Which region shjould I pick? If you don’t know where you’re traveling to within the next 12 months, choose Worldwide to ensure you’re covered no matter where you go. If you’re traveling to multiple countries choose the region that you are visiting that is furthest away (excluding stopovers less than 48 hours). In most cases you will be covered for the closer regions as well. For example, if you choose Europe, you will also be covered in Asia and Pacific.

Worldwide means anywhere in the world
Americas means USA, Canada, South America, Latin America, Hawaii and the Caribbean
Europe means all European countries, including UK
Middle East refers to the area from Syria to Yemen; Egypt to Iran
Asia generally means Asia and the Indian subcontinent. For some insurers this excludes Japan*
Pacific means Australia, the South West Pacific, and Indonesia/Bali*. Select Pacific for domestic cruises in New Zealand waters
Australia means travel within Australia and New Zealand
New Zealand (domestic) means travel within New Zealand only

*Note: Variances apply for Bali, Indonesia, Japan and Middle East. Check that your destination is covered once directed to your chosen insurer’s site.

Depending on your circumstances, such as your age, and your trip durations and destinations, it can sometimes be cheaper to buy two or three single trip policies than an annual policy, so there are savings to be made by shopping around and comparing your options.

Are you a frequent traveller considering an annual travel insurance policy? Check out our top tips for regular jetsetters:

Tips for frequent travellers

adventure activities travel insurance

What activities are covered?

Are you a self-confessed adrenaline junkie? If you’re planning on doing some risky activities on your trip make sure you know if they’re covered, as not all of them are!

annual travel insurance

Annual travel insurance guide

Taking two or more flights per year?  An annual multi-trip policy is the convenient way to be covered all year round, no matter where you travel.  Learn the ins and outs of annual travel insurance with our guide.


Pre-existing medical conditions

Having pre-existing medical conditions doesn't mean you can't get cover or that it has to be expensive. It simply means that you need to dig a little deeper when doing your research.


Travel Insurance Reviews

If you're travelling with one travel insurance policy for a whole year, you're going to want peace of mind that you've got the right one for you and your needs. So if you've read the PDS and still can't decide, consider checking out the thousands of reviews left by Kiwi travellers about their experience with their travel insurer. Were they helpful on the phone? Was their website easy to use? And most importantly, how did they go when customers needed to claim?  

Or perhaps you want to have your say? Whether you love or loathe your travel insurer rate them on customer service, value for money & more! Help out your fellow savvy shoppers today!

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