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Where to purchase travel insurance

There is more than one way to purchase travel insurance, but buying online can equal huge savings and benefits.

If you value convenience you may be surprised as to how easy and seamless buying travel insurance online can be. Whilst locking in cover with your travel agent or getting a good deal with your credit card provider may seem just dandy, there are certain limitations that you should be aware of. On the other hand, purchasing online puts you in the control seat and gives you access to loads more options.

Travel agent or tour operator

Travel insurance purchased from your travel agent is often more expensive than buying online due to sales commissions. Many travel agents will only work with a set amount of insurance providers meaning you only have access to limited products. Additionally, agents often lack the expertise to provide you with the important policy advice you require. Travel agents may insist travel insurance is a requirement of your travel deal but you have the freedom to refuse. You should not be charged extra to source cover elsewhere.

Pros: Convenience.

Cons: More expensive, and and general cover not tailored to your specific needs


Excellent savings can be made for the savvy traveller who buys their insurance online. Save time too by shopping around and comparing policies using a comparison site like ours. For those travelling spontaneously, online travel insurance provides a hassle free way to get quick cover. You should check the fine print to make sure the site is secure, and the company is backed by an established underwriter too. If in doubt, phone the company direct to discuss details of the cover.

Pros: Easy, quick and affordable. Comparison websites make it simple to find the right cover.

Cons: None!

Credit card cover

This type of cover is often activated for free when you purchase travel arrangements with your credit card. Cover tends to apply to top-end credit cards and quite often will only cover you if all, or at least part of your travel expenses are paid for using the card. It may not cover your planned activities and may only cover the cardholder. Additionally it’s worth noting that credit card travel insurance will only cover you for short stint holidays and will also exclude cover for lost items.

Pros: Comes free with high end credit cards.

Cons: May not cover you for the full length of your trip or for the type of activities you intend to do on your trip. Many exclusions apply.

Why buy travel insurance?

If you’re in doubt about whether or not you need cover, here’s your wake-up call! Travel insurance provides the security of knowing you’ll be looked after should the worst happen. A comprehensive policy will cover a range of expenses including:

Medical: The pain of an injury or illness can be exacerbated by the huge costs incurred whilst travelling. Luckily, your policy will cover the exorbitant expense of overseas medical cover.

Luggage and personal belongings: Whether your stuff is valuable from a monetary or sentimental point of view, losing it can have a catastrophic effect on your holiday. Your policy will cover the cost of your belongings provided you look after them. Note that each policy will vary in its per item limit.  

Cancellation and delay: There’s nothing as frustrating as missing your flight or being delayed for hours on end. Your policy will reimburse you should you be delayed by a natural disaster or some type of vehicle accident.

And much more!

For the best travel insurance, you can’t beat buying direct. Buying your policy straight from the insurer through a comparison sites saves you money and ensures your all your travel needs are covered.

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