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Travel insurance for Australia

G’day! Welcome to Australia, a land of sunburnt plains, cosmopolitan culture and world class natural wonders! Whether you’re heading to Oz for an outback escape or a big city break, get ready because the land down under is set to become your No.1 destination of choice!

Not even sure where to start? Why not start with a trip to the world heritage great Barrier Reef and gawp at a myriad of rainbow coloured marine life? Then set about exploring Australia’s endless, sun soaked beaches or sip lattes in the hip cities dotting Australia’s coastlines. Take your time winding across the tarmac along this great southern land or lose yourself in the untainted wilderness of this island nation. No matter what route you take, the sights and sounds of Australia are sure to have you hooked!

Just a few hours flight away, Australia may sometimes look and seem a lot like home (despite that funny ‘ocker’ accent)! However, don’t be mistaken, you’re not in NZ territory here. While Oz is warm and welcoming, you should take always be prepared for the unexpected when heading abroad.

Even when you’re just a few hours flight away from home a lot can go wrong. Flight delays, medical mishaps, missed connections and lost luggage can muck up your trip faster than a slippery black run!

Don’t let bad luck sour your experience - make sure you pack travel insurance along for the ride.

Compare travel insurance for Australia

Whether you're a budget conscious backpacker, a time poor parent booking a family getaway, or a senior seeking safe, reliable options, it pays to compare travel insurance policies to find the right cover for your Australia trip.

A travel insurance policy will cover you for unexpected accident or illness, lost luggage or theft, unforeseen trip cancellation and much more.

When comparing policies, it's important to consider benefits, as well as costs.

How much does travel insurance for Australia cost?

The cost of travel insurance can vary enormously no matter where you go! Say you’re 30 (ish) years old and you’re going to Australia for a two-week holiday. Depending on your preferred level of cover, you can expect to pay anything from $28 to $256. To give you an idea, we’ve outlined the costs of several policies below;

Basic policies approx. $32 If you’re looking for real low cost 1Cover’s basics cover ($32.63) is the cheapest basic policy on our site. This policy includes unlimited medical and $5 million personal liability only. The excess you must pay towards a claim is $100.

Mid-level policies approx $45 – $53 Columbus Direct's mid-range policy offers decent cover at just $56. This includes unlimited $12.5 million in medical cover, $10,000 cancellation, $2.5 million personal liability, $6,000 luggage, $50,000 accidental death, $3,000 hospital cash, $15,000 permanent disability, $2,000 for travel documents and $3,000 in rental vehicle excess. The excess is $250.


Comprehensive policies approx. $53 – $93 American Express’ comprehensive policy at $93 offers generous cover with a low excess of $100. Their policy includes unlimited medical, unlimited cancellation, $5 million personal liability, $15,000 luggage, $25,000 accidental death, $6,000 hospital cash, $25,000 permanent disability, $5,000 for travel documents and $50,000 travel expenses.

*All prices accurate at time of writing Feb 2017.

Does Australia have reciprocal healthcare with New Zealand?

Lucky for us Kiwis, New Zealand and Australia share reciprocal healthcare agreements. That means you have access to government medical facilities and care. Travellers to Australia who are injured in an accident are also covered for hospital treatment by Medicare. Take note that these agreements do not provide ongoing treatment of existing health conditions and charges may still apply for visits to GPs and specialists, prescription medications and diagnostic tests.

What will my policy cover?

nz policy cover

 If your ultimate trip to Australia takes a downward turn for any of the following reasons, comprehensive travel insurance will keep you in ship shape.

• Medical: As an adventure sports destination, Australia can be a perilous place for thrill seekers. Should you have an accident, you'll want to be taken care of. And while you may be eligible for reciprocal health care in Australia, this would not cover any additional accommodation costs, flights for family members or medical repatriation to New Zealand. Travel insurance can help to cover these costs should the worst-case scenario occur.

• Cancellation fees and lost deposits: Travel insurance will cover unforeseen cancellations for events such as natural disasters, as well as accidents, hijackings, severe sickness or injury. Australia is prone to natural disasters like floods, bushfires and cyclones which can strike suddenly and without warning. In the event you are injured in a natural disaster, travel insurance will cover the costs of any medical attention you require as well as any reasonable additional expenses caused by the rescheduling of travel plans.

 Luggage and personal effects: Has a lone kangaroo hopped off with your your camera? Your travel insurance policy will reimburse you for lost, stolen or damaged luggage. Comprehensive cover also includes cover for theft of cash and travel documents too.

• Travel delays: If your flight is delayed or you have to cancel your trip you may get reimbursed by your travel insurance provider. Generally your flight has to be delayed by over 24 hours for you to receive travel delay reimbursement. Although it is airline's responsibility to get you on the next flight if the delay is through a fault of their own, your travel insurance will reimburse you for any expenses you incur during your delay. Conditions apply. 

• Personal liability:  If you injure someone or are held accountable for damaged property in Australia (like crashing your hire car into a parked car for example) the consequences would be less than stellar. In such an event, your policy will cover your liability costs to a degree. 

 Additional extras: Each policy varies but look out for top notch extras such as cover for  rental vehicle excess, permanent disability, loss of income, cover for kennels and catteries (if you’re delayed home to your fluffy friends) and more.

What will my policy not cover?

Unattended items: Staying in a hostel, or travelling in a group? Keep a keen eye on your belongings as leaving your stuff unsupervised will not be covered for. That also means not leaving your stuff with your brand new chums!

Being intoxicated: Taking time out with a few beers in true Aussie style? Keep in mind that all claims related directly to alcohol and drugs will not be paid.

Terrorism and travel warnings: While the chances of getting caught up in riots or an act of terrorism in Australia are small, it’s still a good idea to keep up to date with travel advisories on government issued websites (these will advise against any natural disasters as well) Generally travelling against DO NOT TRAVEL warnings from the New Zealand government will jeopardize your cover. For updates on Australia head to

High risk activities: As the birthplace of icons like Steve Irwin and ‘Crocodile’ Dundee, Australia certainly lives up to its adventurous namesake. From shark cage diving in Port Lincoln, zip lining in the Daintree rainforest to canyoning in the Blue Mountains, there’s plenty of choice for adrenaline junkies seeking a fix. But watch out, as participating in particularly risky activities such as climbing (where ropes are needed), or open water sailing may not be covered by your policy. Be sure to scan your policy’s small print to check out which of your preferred heart pounding activities are covered!

Pre-existing conditions: Medical conditions that exist before you travel are generally not covered, but it pays to check. You can sometimes pay a bit extra to get some conditions covered. Check your policy wording to see what conditions are covered automatically, and which ones require a medical assessment first.

Unreported items: You need to report theft or loss to the relevant authority ASAP (and your travel insurance provider) within 24 hours.

How to save on travel insurance for Australia

Choose your destination wisely: You might be able to save yourself a few quid by finding an insurer that classes Australia in its own price bracket, rather than grouped within the Pacific.

Consider how often you travel: If you travel a few times per year, you could save by purchasing an annual multi-trip policy rather than purchasing a policy each time you take off.

Combine policies: If travelling with your family or a companion, a joint policy is often cheaper than purchasing separately.

Increase your excess: Most insurers allow you to lower your premium by opting to pay higher excess in the instance that you need to make a claim.

Shop around: You'll be amazed at how much travel insurance quotes can vary. Offers by travel agents or airlines usually have commissions added on. In fact, you can save up to 50% by shopping around, so it pays to buy your travel insurance direct. Doing your comparison online will allow you to compare loads of travel insurance quotes in seconds. Yippee!

Safety speed dial

Found yourself in a spot of bother? The following emergency contacts should come in handy.

New Zealand High Commission in Canberra
Commonwealth Avenue
Canberra, Australia
Telephone: +61-2-6270-4211
New Zealand Consulate in Sydney
Level 10, 55 Hunter Street
PO Box 365, Sydney
Telephone: +61-2-8256-2000
New Zealand Consulate in Victoria
22/157 Lambton Quay
Wellington, New Zealand
Telephone: (64-4) 462 8000
New Zealand Consulate in WA
1 Sleat Road
WA 6153
Telephone: +61-8-9364-1700

8 fast facts about Australia

Country calling code: +61
Capital: Canberra
Currency: AUD (Australian Dollars)
Language: Australia’s main language is English, however, over 200 different languages and dialects are spoken in Oz, including 45 indigenous languages! The most common non-English spoken languages are Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin.
Nature: From uninhabited, desert plains to lush green rainforests and the world’s largest reef system, Australia contains some of the world’s most distinctive and diverse landscapes. You’re bound to fall in love with a sliver of this great southern land!
Wildlife: Australia is home to an impressive array of species that can only be found down under! Some, like the kangaroo, koala and wombat are world famous while others such as the Tasmanian devil and the dingo, are sadly at risk of extinction.
Food & drink: Australian cuisine is about as varied and extensive as this multicultural nation. Meat pies, Thai curries, sushi rolls and roadside kebabs are all typical Aussie staples. Australian dining and wine industry frequently ranks among the world’s best thanks to its diversity and innovation.
Also known as: Oz (fittingly, as Aussies love to shorten words) or the ‘Land Down Under’ thanks to its location on the Southern Hemisphere.
Sssscary stat: Of the world’s most venomous snakes, numbers 1 to 11 come from Australia! The inland taipan is the world’s most venomous snake at No. 1.

Ready to find your perfect Australia travel insurance policy?

Stuff going wrong on holiday shouldn’t be your foremost concern. After all you’ve got sights to see and adventures to create. But no matter how big your appetite for adventure, without safeguarding your travels, your entire trip could go belly up!


Compare Australia travel insurance policies to save time, worry and loads of money. You’ll be on your way to a fun, hassle-free holiday quicker than you can say “No worries mate!”

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