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Compare Travel Insurance Travel Insurance Tips Spousal skiing: coupled bliss from trail to piste

Spousal skiing: coupled bliss from trail to piste

You know the feeling. Your ski-mad partner has begged and pleaded. You’re at the end of your tether and resistance is futile.

It’s finally time to succumb to that dreaded ski trip!

If you’re a never-seen-snow beginner, or get the shakes just imagine those slippery slopes, you’ll understandably feel apprehensive about the idea. But if you’re willing to take the leap for love, adrenalin alone won’t keep you steady. We show you how to master the mountain, without sending your relationship off-piste.

1. Keep it classy

It’s back to school time…ski school that is. Your partner may be an expert but with precarious sports like skiing comes added risks. Even with all the right intentions, a lesson from a loved one can go sour and a mid-mountain meltdown won’t do much for your relationship or technique. Learning with a trained teacher will make a dramatic difference to your confidence and abilities (and it’s far cheaper than a divorce)!

2. Resort report

Your piste-head partner may be gunning for long days out on the slopes, but when you’re just grasping the snowplough, you’ll need alternative activities to ease you in. Cardrona Alpine Resort has great options for foodies and day spa connoisseurs and you'll never have a dull moment in Queenstown with it's cool vibe and endless après ski offerings.

3. Take it slow

Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, beginners should take care not to go in over their heads. The most common ski injuries tend to be from inexperienced skiers on the first day of skiing. So if you’re not ready for a black run, don’t try it!

4. Comfort is key

Facing your fears while braving the elements is no easy task. Keeping warm is a must. Accept that you may not be winning any ski-wear fashion shows just yet (ski gear doesn’t come cheap) and invest in some good quality thermals, a warm jacket, gloves hat and goggles. Apres ski boots are essential for keeping your tootsies toasty along with well-adjusted ski boots. The rule of thumb here is that these should be tight, not cutting off your blood supply.

5. Weather the storm

Accept that as a beginner, you will fall. A lot. Provided you’re not going too fast, you’re unlikely to hurt yourself. Take the beginner runs as many times as your need to feel comfortable. And if glacial conditions are putting you off your technique, there’s no crime in taking a well-earned break by the fireside. Take note as well that ski insurance can pick up the tab for any pre-booked lift passes or lessons in the event of bad weather, illness or injury.

6. Have fun

When all is said and done, hitting the white stuff with your other half shouldn’t be an exercise in torture, regardless of your contrasting ability levels. Just the opposite; taking on the challenge should be an exhilarating experience that bonds you closer as a couple. Avoid the pressure to take runs beyond your ability and set meeting points so you can both ‘do your own thing’. Take in the fresh alpine air and celebrate your wins. At the very least, that post-mountain mulled wine never tasted so good!

Sharing stuff is just one of the perks of being in a relationship. Shared experiences, shared expenses, shared tales. Whether a couples ski insurance holiday is your thing or not, at least you'll have a story to tell at the end of it. Why not give it a never know you might just love it!!


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