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Travel Insurance For Frequent Travellers

Big savings can be made if you go overseas a few times a year, and what is more all your domestic trips are covered too! For one price, you can get standard or comprehensive travel insurance cover for a whole year.

Frequent traveller insurance allows you to travel as many times as you want to in a year as long as each trip isn't they longer than 90 days.

Are you trying decide if you want to buy single travel insurance vs an annual policy? A good way to decide is to look at your year ahead. If you've got a few trips lined up then definitely go for an annual policy, if you don't travel much then maybe single trip travel insurance is best for you.

Cost aside, try and work out how long you'll be traveling for and what activities you'll be getting up to. For example a ski holiday might require a specialist single ski policy to ensure your winter sports activities are covered, or if you're planning multiple ski holidays, consider an annual ski policy.

Most insurers offer worldwide cover for annual multi-trip policies and some insurers offer additional, cheaper price points that allow travellers to only pay for the cover they required. For instance someone that knows they have multiple trips planned for Australia and South Pacific only, does not require worldwide cover.

Why Choose A Frequent Traveller Policy?

  • You'll have big savings which you can use to plan your next holiday!
  • You're automatically covered for spontaneous trips
  • Travel insurance to cover you for the whole year rather than having 
    to buy it individually every time you take a trip
  • Easily renewed, even if you're overseas

Save yourself time, worry and a whole load of money by planning your travel insurance around your travel behaviour.

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