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luggage under wraps: the truth uncovered

You're about to embark on the holiday of a lifetime and you're set to go. You've even bought travel insurance so you don't need to worry about your stuff going missing...or do you? The truth is, your belongings are covered, provided you don't leave them exposed or unprotected. Our handy infographic show you how to avoid the lost case catastrophe on your next trip!


luggage cover


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Pick pocketing: Should a penny pincher lift your purse, have no fear- you’d be reimbursed!
Plane property: Your hand luggage is covered so you can feel bold, but your airline's rresponsible for your stuff in the hold.
Sodden stuff: If your stuff goes swimming or falls down the loo, you’d be covered for repair or replacement, whichever suits you.
Drunken disappearances: We all love a tipple but if you have too much drink, your stuff won’t be covered, so think before you sink!
Car crime: If stolen from a locked compartment, your insurer may pay, take note this applies only during the day.
Bags left with a stranger: Trust a new friend or a stranger with your stash? You’ll be out of pocket if they do a mad dash.
Checked in items: Bags left in the hold of a plane, bus or train will be the carrier’s responsibility, so don’t make a claim.
Items out of sight: Fancy a dip and left your stuff on the beach? In order to claim your things must be in reach.


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