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The 101 of how to fly with children

Flying can be trying with or without children, but taking a trip with the whole clan can be terrifying for even the most seasoned traveller. Many of you will know that parenting in the privacy of one’s own home is a big enough challenge, let alone trying to keep youngsters amused, fed and safe 10,000m above ground in a cabin shared by complete strangers.

But never fear we are here to help with a few tried-and-tested tips for travelling by air with children. You’re welcome!

Bags for all

kids luggage

Flying as a family should be fun. Make the kids feel fully involved and excited about their trip by getting them their own bag to pull onto the plane. Having their own suitcase will keep them amused and you can fill it with some much needed time-killers such as colouring or activity books, a favourite toy, snacks, a comforter and some light books.

Protect your possessions

protect luggage

There’s likely to be plenty of prangs when checking your pram into the plane. Just like suitcases, strollers and buggies can get dinged and scratched in transit, so if checking it in, make sure they’re bubble wrapped or well protected. If travelling with a little-one, a baby harness, carrier or sling that enables you to walk through airports hands-free is invaluable.

Don't over pack


Unless you are trekking to Mt Everest with your kin, there’s no need to carry a jumbo-size box of nappies or 30 changes of clothes. Pack the essentials and remember you can always buy more supplies at your destination.

Pack the snack


It’s always a good idea to carry light dry snacks in your carry-on bag such as fruit, muesli bars, nuts or crackers. A few sucky sweets or lollypops for older children can help to ease any inner-ear pain too.

Movies on the go


You won't regret packing the ipad full of their favourite shows for hours of entertainment. When all else fails and the toys are being thrown out the pram; movies on the go will help with those near meltdown moments.

Keep them comfy

sensible clothes

Soft stretchy layers like pj’s and tracksuits that can easily be taken on and off will be the most comfortable for long-legs. Packing a small blanket and pillow can also aid your children in getting some much-needed sleep. 

Early bird takes the worm

allow enough time

Remember everything takes longer with dependants in tow. Always allow 30 minutes more than advised by the airline to cover unexpected feeds, nappy changes, queues, offloading oversized luggage and toilet breaks. An extra half-hour also gives your little ones time to absorb the bright lights and unfamiliar sounds of a bustling airport without you all feeling rushed.

Take care of yourself

Make sure you are keeping hydrated and eating plenty to keep up your energy levels. It is hard to attend to kids when you’re tired and ratty. You’ll feel much better for it!

And of course...Don't forget travel insurance

Purchasing one policy for the whole family (or group) is sure to be cheaper than buying individually. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost family bargain, or a fully comprehensive cover, we’ve got policies for all kinds of budgets. 

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