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Ski insurance FAQs

What's covered in a typical ski insurance or snowboard insurance policy?

  • Unlimited emergency evacuation from the ski slopes to the nearest hospital for treatment
  • Cost of hiring alternative snow skiing or boarding equipment following accidental loss, theft or breakage of your own
  • Cover for the value of any unused ski pass, ski hire or tuition fees following loss, theft or you being unable to ski following accident or illness
  • Travel to an alternative resort or purchase of additional ski passes if you are unable to ski at your pre-booked resort
  • Cover for your out-of-pocket expenses due to bad weather or avalanche cancellation

How much does helicopter rescue off a mountain cost?

Helicopter rescue alone can set you back up around $40,000 in Canada and $15,000 closer to home!

Am I covered if I go off-piste?

If you’re skiing in a dangerous area you might find that putting yourself at high risk could mean you are no longer covered by ski insurance. Check with your insurer before you leave home if they cover for skiing off-piste.

Are my skis covered if they are stolen?

If you are reckless and leave your skis unattended, then you would not be covered. However if they were locked away in a storage room then you are covered. You must report the loss within 24 hours to the police, the ski resort, and can prove ownership of your equipment.

If I’m at the bar at the top of the mountain, and my skis are stolen am I covered? 

You are not covered for any benefits of your ski policy at any time if you’re drunk or have taken illegal drugs.

Are my skis covered if I break them when I’m using them?

No, your skis are not covered if you’re using them.

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