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Cheap travel insurance FAQs

How can I find a cheap travel insurance policy?

The best way to find a cheap policy is to compare a range of quotes using a travel insurance comparison website like ours.

Is buying travel insurance online cheaper rather buying through a travel agent?

Yes, buying travel insurance direct through a travel insurer is substantially cheaper, and you're likely to save around 50% as travel agents add commission onto the price of the policies they sell. Use to compare a range of travel insurer’s prices which are exactly the same as buying direct.

What’s included in a cheap travel insurance policy?

A cheap travel insurance policy tends to have fewer benefits than a comprehensive policy. Make sure you have unlimited medical assistance, personal liability and luggage and personal effects included in your policy as a minimum.

Are cheap travel insurance policies safe?

Yes if you buy your travel insurance with a reputable company. To find out the best companies, you can read travel insurance reviews to give you a good idea of previous customers opinions.

How can I save on my travel insurance?

•    Compare quotes and prices using a comparison site
•    Consider how often you travel (an annual policy might be suitable for you)
•    Check for discounts - if you’ve got your car insurance with a company that offers travel insurance you might be eligible for a discount
•    Choose to pay more excess if you need to make a claim, but remember you might just be end up paying more in the end anyway
•    Be honest about your medical history when you buy so an insurer can’t deny a claim because they didn’t know about a pre-existing medical condition

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