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Annual travel insurance FAQs

What is annual travel insurance?

An annual travel insurance policy covers you all year round, for as many trips as you can possibly fit into 12 months! Ideal for couples, families or singles who love to travel often.

If you’re planning on travelling for a year, but will be away for the whole time, then an annual multi-trip policy is not what you need as you need to be returning to New Zealand after each trip.

How many days in duration can I go away for each time?

It varies from insurer to insurer, but usually a maximum of 90 days per trip. If you’re going away for a whole year – look into backpacker insurance policies which tend to cover for longer trip length.

Does an annual policy cover me in New Zealand?    

Yes, an annual policy covers all your trips around New Zealand and overseas.

Will I save with an annual policy?

Yes, more than likely if you travel more than twice a year, you will save by purchasing an annual multi-trip policy.

Do I need to tell my travel insurer every time I go away on holiday?


What’s included in an annual policy?

A typical annual policies with comprehensive cover includes:

  • Unlimited cancellation cover for fees and lost deposits
  • Unlimited overseas emergency medical assistance
  • Unlimited overseas medical, hospital and dental expenses
  • Cover for alternative transport expense
  • Cover for loss of luggage or personal effects
  • Unlimited number of trips in a year
  • Travel delay expenses
  • Rental vehicle excess
  • And much more...

I’m not sure where I’m travelling to. Which destination should I pick?

If you really are unsure where you’re headed to, we suggest picking a worldwide policy then you’ll be covered wherever you go!

Compare annual travel insurance policies to see how much you could save.

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