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New Zealander’s don’t compare


Date published: 1 November 2012

A recent study by leading global research agency, Millward Brown, found that 42 per cent of New Zealand travellers do not compare providers and go with the first travel insurer they find.

Media spokesman from Natalie Ball today announced that through a lack of comparison shopping, Kiwis are losing out on some extra cash to splash on their holiday.

“I encourage all travellers to shop around, not only to save but compare on policy offerings. Policies vary dramatically in what they do and do not cover. By simply staying with the same provider you could in fact be paying premium rates for what is considered a substandard policy,” stated Ms Ball.  

Savvy shoppers can now use comparison sites to research, compare and select the most suitable travel insurance policy on the market. Take the hard work out of comparison shopping and use free services such as or

“The New Zealand travel insurance industry is no longer monopolised by the big insurers. There are now a number of smaller New Zealand providers who offer great policies at a good price,” said Ms Ball.                                       

Mrs Ball also highlighted the need for travellers to thoroughly read their policy to ensure they are well aware of the exclusions, limits but most importantly the level of medical coverage.

“Overseas medical costs can be exorbitant, without appropriate travel insurance coverage, travellers can be left it quite devastating situations. Baggage coverage limits are also an area to be conscious of. There is often coverage price limits for lost or damaged items,” she said.

New Zealand travellers who are comparing insurers are being reward with more value for money travel insurance policies that meet their travel needs.

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