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Compare Travel Insurance Media Room Kiwis travel plans gone to the dogs

kiwis travel plans gone to the dogs

Date published: 15 May 2017

New research from reveals that 1 in 10 New Zealanders aren’t fulfilling their holiday resolutions due to concerns with leaving their pets at home.
Other reasons to put off a getaway was a lack of disposable income (43%) and family commitments (14%).
The study backs up recent claims that Kiwis are increasingly dedicated to their pets. Nationally, 64% of New Zealanders are pet owners, investing up to $1.8 billion* per year on their furry friends.
Natalie Ball, director, says,
“Today’s pets are members of the family, and there is no doubt owners will go out of their way to accommodate their needs. However, our survey results were surprising. Who would have thought that pets would take priority over our desire to travel?”

rise of the fur baby

In recent years Kiwis’ devotion to their fur-babies has reached new heights. Never mind vet and desexing costs, today’s pets are pampered with daycare facilities, gourmet food, accessories, insurance and professional grooming services. According to online pet gear seller Animal Outfitters these additional costs can easily set owners back a whopping $6,440 a year.
With those expenses in mind it’s worth noting that sacrificing our holiday budget may come at a cost.
Ball adds;
“Pets invariably add to the quality of our lives but there’s no denying the importance of work life balance in today’s busy world. Kiwis place a great emphasis on their pet’s happiness but they should also consider the mental and physical health benefits of scheduled time away.”

Taking the lead

The importance of a holiday has been regularly lauded from experts who accredit regular escapes, rather than material purchases, with improved happiness levels. Further research by Compare Travel Insurance in Australia reveals that travel may be more satisfying than even one’s own wedding!
And going away doesn’t just boost your contentment- cardiovascular health researchers have discovered that 30% of men are more likely to have a heart attack if they regularly skip their holidays.
But for those who can’t bear the burden of leaving their fluffy friends behind there are plenty of options to explore. Packing your pets along for the trip may also be the right solution for dedicated paw-rents.
Ball adds,
“It's the quality of your holiday, rather than the longevity or distance you travel that has the greatest impact to our wellbeing. A week or two at a beach house, with your pet in tow, could be just as therapeutic as a holiday in Hawaii. The main thing is to avoid stress triggers, like traffic, long queues and work calls and emails.”

Travel insurance can ease those ruff moments

If you are preparing for an overseas trip without Fido, making sure they have the best care possible is going to be first on your agenda. Careful research along with travel insurance could help to smooth over any cat-astrophes.
Ball says, “Pet minding services can be very expensive so it’s well worth noting that certain providers will actually pay for additional kennel or cattery fees should your pet require extended boarding due to unforeseen circumstances.”
As a final note Ball recommends that travellers embrace their free time and stick to their travel resolutions. Pet owners should also resist the temptation to feel guilty about taking that much-needed holiday.
“No matter where you go or how much you spend, making sure you’re taking the time out you need will benefit both you and your loved ones.”
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