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Compare Travel Insurance Media Room Rise of online aggregators in New Zealand

Rise of online aggregators in New Zealand



Date published: 1 October 2014

The rise of online aggregators has change the distribution of insurance products around the world. However until now comparisons are yet to achieve similar success in New Zealand. Challenger travel insurance brands entering the market in New Zealand open up this space and provide growth opportunities for comparisons.

Associate Director, Natalie Ball says:

“Comparison websites are inevitable in New Zealand. In the last few months we’ve seen an increase in Kiwi’s researching their travel insurance by using websites like ours.”

“For insurance companies in New Zealand comparisons are a highly targeted sales channel. Offering products through aggregators allows insurers to obtain new customers without putting marketing dollars at risk. "

“By not being present on aggregator sites, Kiwi insurers are missing out on the opportunity to be fairly presented to someone actively looking to purchase travel insurance."

Ball concluded  “Travel Insurance is all we cover and we plan to cover it well.  The site will continue to evolve to meet consumers’ demands and preferred purchasing behaviours.” 

"We’re actively looking to add more insurers to our site. Please get in touch at [email protected] to learn more about our effective sales channel for your brand.”

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